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Barton Haynes, AKA Bart the Bike Guy

Greetings, fellow cyclists! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Barton Haynes and I am a cycling enthusiast and love all things having to do with bicycles. I manage several Internet outlets that promote my cycling interests including my blog, Bart the Bike Guy, and my Pinterest page where I enjoy discovering pictures of bicycle photography, vintage cyclingcycling apparel, etc. 

This website is an offshoot of my other pages featuring more of my favorite photographs. If you’re a cyclist and are passionate about all things having to do with hitting the pavement, I encourage you to start following along. I will treat this site like my own personal Pinterest website where I’ll share images that inspire me as a cyclist. Be it a photo of a race, a picture of cycling gear, or images to get me motivated, this will be the place where I publish cycling inspiration.

Thank you so much for finding me and for following along. My greatest hope through these sites is to inspire others, fuel my own cycling passion, and increase cycling awareness across the Internet.

Many thanks for your support,

Barton Haynes

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