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Hello, fellow cyclists! I hope that you all have been having a wonderful month so far. Is anyone hitting pavement at this time of year?

Here in San Diego County, the weather has been sunny and beautiful. The forecast for this week is in the late 60’s and early-to-mid 70’s which is nothing to complain about. Because of this, I’ve been cycling every day before I head to work in the mornings. However, in other parts of the country, I know that this isn’t possible. I have many friends on the East Coast who have been stuck indoors and have been busy perfecting their indoor cycling routines.

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No matter what you’re cycling circumstances are at the moment, I’m hoping that you have a few minutes to catch up on what’s going on with cycling in the news. As an avid cyclist, I think it’s important to keep up on the sport and to stay informed.

Below are the most prominent features headlining cycling in the news for February 2018. I hope you find them as enlightening as I did!

Cyclists face ban from road near Hull famed for time trials

Barton Haynes
Barton Haynes

“Cyclists may be banned from a stretch of the A63 near Hull which was once used by the Olympian Bradley Wiggins, in a move described as deeply concerning by the sport’s governing body. 

Highways England has applied for a traffic regulation order to stop cyclists using part of the road which is regarded as the fastest 10-mile time trial course in the UK.

The agency said it was seeking the ban “in the interests of road safety” after six crashes involving cyclists and vehicles in the past five years, including one fatal collision.”

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Laura Kenny to make cycling return six months after having first child

Barton Haynes Cyclist
Barton Haynes

“Laura Kenny says she and husband Jason are “just like any other working family” after they were both named in Great Britain’s squad for the track world championships, which takes place just six months after the birth of their son Albie.

While the six-times Olympic champion Jason returned to racing in January, the selection of Laura, a four-times Olympic champion, was more of a surprise. The 25-year-old has been back in training for around four months. The couple will take Albie with them to the Apeldoorn event in the Netherlands from 28 February to 4 March.”

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High-vis, low-conflict: Kampala gets its first Critical Mass cycle ride

Barton Haynes Cycling News
Barton Haynes

“Do you know what is going on here today?” I ask Annette, the banana seller I’m buying a quick breakfast from. She doesn’t, so I explain that people are gathering here to ride bicycles together. We’re standing on Luwum street in central Kampala, looking out at a completely alien scene. With the usual sea of cars, minibus taxis and boda bodas (the city’s famous motorbike taxis) absent, the whole road is visible and looks 10 times more spacious than usual. It has been adorned with colourful paintings – including green cycle lanes – and we can see people walking, talking and cycling, while children run around playing.

It is a playground in the middle of a city where people rarely stop to play; there is too much work to be done. “I don’t know how to ride a bicycle, but I’d like to learn,” says Annette as she observes the scene, sighing: “But how can I learn? Are you going to teach me?”

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Cycling community mourns passing of mentor, benefactor Mengoni

Barton Haynes
Barton Haynes

“The North American cycling community mourns the passing of longtime mentor and benefactor to cyclists Fred Mengoni. The Italian-American died February 2. He was 94.

His love for cycling extended across decades, and was instrumental in kick-starting careers of several top-level pros as well as provided early funding for what eventually became USA Cycling. He was admitted to the U.S Bicycling Hall of Fame in 1994.”

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Davis Brailsford defends Team Sky’s decision not to suspend Chris Froome

Barton Haynes Cycling Froome
Barton Haynes

“Sir Dave Brailsford has defended the decision not to suspend Chris Froome as he spoke for the first time about the four-times Tour de France winner’s failed drugs test.

The Team Sky principal has come under pressure from cycling’s governing body, the UCI, to suspend Froome from riding as scientists and lawyers acting on his behalf seek to explain why double the permitted amount of the asthma drug salbutamol was found in a drug test during the Vuelta a España in September. But Brailsford was adamant that no anti-doping rule violation had been committed by Froome, who could face a ban and being stripped of his Vuelta title.”

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Many thanks for following along! Please check out my other cycling-related sites listed below if you’re interested. Happy cycling!

-Barton Haynes

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