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Hello, everyone! I hope you all have been having a productive week cycling, be that indoor or outdoor.

Today, I wanted to follow up from a recent blog post I wrote on my affiliate site titled Workouts for Indoor Cycling on barthaynes.com. Many of my readers have been asking about good routines to do indoors during the winter months. Although I personally am not confined indoors due to the fact that I live in San Diego, California, I still do many workouts and exercises indoors.

Today, I’d like to share some inspiring images that show effective exercise routines that will boost and maximize your efforts in the saddle. I hope that you learn something new and try a few of these routines out for yourself at home!

Barton Haynes Exercise
Barton Haynes
Barton Haynes Cycling Routine
Barton Haynes
Barton Haynes Workout
Barton Haynes
Barton Haynes Biking
Barton Haynes

For more inspiration, check out my board titled Healthy Cycling on my Barton Haynes Pinterest page.

Thanks for reading and happy cycling!

-Barton Haynes

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