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Hello, fellow cyclists! I hope that you’ve all been enjoying the end of summer and putting lots of miles underneath your wheels.

Today’s post features the top cyclists racing in 2017. After the conclusion of the Tour de France in June, I was curious to continue researching and seeing who was leading the pack in terms of cycling times and victories.

Before I introduce the top cyclists in our day and age, I need to preface by stating that the UCI changed their rating system in 2016. According to Wikipedia, “This ranking system is calculated on a 52 week rolling basis, rankings are updated each Monday. The ranking at the end of the calendar year will be utilised to award an annual winner. Unlike previous ranking systems the UCI World Classification will include all male riders from the World Tour down to U23 riders. Points will be awarded on all races from World Tour level down to 1.2 and 2.2 races.”

Given this information, here are the top 5 scoring cyclists worldwide right now.

5. Tom DumoulinBarton Haynes Top CyclistsBarton Haynes Top Cyclists 2017

4. Alejandro ValverdeBarton Haynes

Barton Haynes San Diego Top Cyclists

3. Nairo Quintana

Barton Haynes CA Top CyclistsBarton Haynes Top Cyclists CA San Diego

2. Peter SaganBarton Haynes Top Cyclists in the World

1. Greg Van AvermaetBarton Haynes Top Cyclists CaliforniaBarton Haynes Top Cyclists WorldThank you so much for checking out the site today! For more reading, check out my other cycling blog over at

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