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Hello to all of my fellow cyclists!

Although the forecast in San Diego, California stays consistently sunny, the weather in many other parts of the United States is beginning to morph from warm to cool as autumn encroaches.

Recently, I spoke with a cycling friend on the phone who lives on the East Coast who told me that his motivation for cycling was starting to wane with the sunlight.

“I ride my bike every day in the summer, but I’m feeling less driven to hit the road when the wind and rains start to come,” he told me.

As I’ve enjoyed doing in the past, today I’m going to share more encouragement with you all in the form of cycling quotes. Every week, I read influential quotes and sayings on my Pinterest feed. I have an entire board dedicated to Bicycle Quotes.

Taking inspiration from the wisdom of others, I will now leave you with 8 inspiring bicycle quotes that will propel you to get in the saddle even on dreary days.

Inspiring Bicycle Quotes

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Barton Haynes Bicycle Quotes

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