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Hello, fellow cyclists! Today, I’m going to piggy-back off of my latest post on my other blog titled Bart the Bike Guy. There, I wrote an article titled, “Why is Cycling Good for your Knees?” I discussed the health benefits of cycling versus other sports and explained why the low-impact nature of riding a bicycle is perfect for someone with knee issues.

Additionally, I noted how poor cycling posture can add to the knee problems a cyclist might experience. Today, I’ll be sharing some photos and excerpts all about riding posture for your enjoyment. Please see the links below for image sources.

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How do you find the right fit for your bike? If your bike fits well and is set up correctly it will offer you good handling in all circumstances. You should be able to reach all parts of the handlebars without putting any stress on your hands or elbows. Your arms should be not quite straight and your back should be at an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

Over many miles of cycling the wrong posture will leave you stiff, aching and sore – while the correct riding position will minimize your risk of injuries, aches and pains. (

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The position that you ride in makes all of the difference. Get acquainted with your type of bicycle and select the right bike fit for you. Adjust your seat and handlebars as suggested for your bike. When done right it will serve you well and keep you comfortable while you ride. (Bike with Bekkie)

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Here is a list of the advantages to proper posture correction from

  • Increased activity and participation of the glutes and hamstrings = increased power!!
  • Increased efficiency in work load distribution to the entire thigh (glutes, hamstrings, quads) = better endurance!!
  • A forward tilt of the pelvis also allows for maintaining a “neutral position of the low back” and set up for proper posture in the upper back and neck = no back pain while riding and less stress in the shoulders!!

Barton Haynes San Diego California

As most of us know, a well fitted bicycle helps maintain a comfortable cycling posture that allows consistent performance along the journey, and time saving can be achieved without the need for frequent resting stops to stretch out sore and painful muscles. The key influence to our body’s cycling posture is our cycling capability. (Little Rock Cycles Blog)

Best of luck to all of you on your bicycles this week!

-Barton Haynes

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