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Although my primary love for cycling takes the form of road cycling, I have recently developed more of an interest in mountain biking. As the summer approaches and the forests begin to glow with sunshine, I can’t help but have a yearning to do some exploring off the beaten path. I’m looking forward to taking my mountain bike out on the trails around where I live in San Diego, California.

Mountain bikes are very different from road bikes. To get an exact definition of how they’re different, read this Men’s Fitness article titled “Mountain Bikes vs. Road Bikes.” Basically, the major difference between the two is where you’re meant to ride them. A road bike is made for pavement and speed. A mountain bike is made for everywhere and is designed with durability in mind. This changes the frame, size, types of tires, etc. of each kind of bike.


Recently, on my other bike blog (Bart the Bike Guy), I wrote an article titled “How to Choose a Mountain Bike.” Here, I discuss the different kinds of mountain bikes for those of you who are interested in purchasing a mountain bike for the upcoming summer season.

Thanks for taking a step into my mind today and sharing my interest in mountain biking. I wish you all the best on the trails this summer!

-Barton Haynes

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