Cycling in the News: November 2017

Hello to all of my fellow cyclists! Today, I’m going to be sharing images of cycling in the news. I posted a similar article on my affiliate blog,, titled Cycling in the News: September 2017. However, due to the image-heavy nature of these posts, this series will now move to this site (

If you’d like to learn more about each of the images you see, please click on the header links provided below for more information.

Zwift: The Story Behind the Indoor Cycling Phenomenon

Barton Haynes California Cycle
Barton Haynes

Cycling to work just as effective for losing weight as exercising at gym five days a week

Barton Haynes California Blog
Barton Haynes

Tramadol could provide performance enhancement for cyclists, study finds

Barton Haynes Blog Cycling
Barton Haynes

A Love of Cycling Inspires Richard Mille to Create a Watch

Barton Haynes Blog San Diego
Barton Haynes

Major vintage-themed cycling festival coming to Herne Hill Velodrome next June

Thank you, bike riders, for following along as always! Finally, please check out the links below to read and learn more from my past posts on the blogs and on social media.

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